Best Watches: What Do Celebrities Wear?



A great watch is a great way and a chance to make a fashion statement, and not just wear it for convenience. Celebrities sure do take that chance very often and make sure that they wear a great piece of accessory to their outings, whatever it may be – a basketball game, a party downtown, or a date night with their significant other. 

Luxury and brand watches are very popular among sports players, rappers and actors. Many of them become models for footwear, sportswear, even underwear, like David Beckham, who was famously posing for Calvin Klein. 

Let’s see in more detail what different celebrities are wearing, and maybe you can get inspired by their style, and think you would look great in something similar. 

Luxury watches in the sports industry


Raffael Nadal, a very well known and accomplished Spanish tennis player, has been the ambassador and the face of Richard Mille, a widely known brand across different sports. He has been wearing different RM models during games. Their design and materials resonate with an active lifestyle much more than a classical watch you can see people wearing during evening gatherings.  

Of course, if you are not quite as successful and famous as Raffael Nadal, Richard Mille watch can seem something out of a dream as it probably costs more than your car. However, luckily there is a solution we can offer you – Richard Mille clone – the RM 035 the exact model he is usually wearing. 

There is another sport that has been touched by the brand – golf. It is another sport that has been in the spotlight and has lots of stars that endorse different brands. Bubba Watson has won a golf tournament wearing a RM 38 model

We have already mentioned David Backhem, who of course could never wear a watch due to the nature of the sport he was playing, however, he always made his statements with hairstyles and new tattoos he had. When it comes to accessories, he kept them for his time off and has been showing quite a good taste, with custom Rolex on his wrist, matching his wife’s Daytona model while out enjoying a basketball game. 

Our website offers many cool and highest quality Richard Mille replicas as well as Rolex replicas, which will suit any taste and pocket. We have a great selection from RM 035, Mclaren F1, and RM 011 to Rolex Daytona. With our replicas, no one will see or feel the difference with the original, and you will be able to show off your good taste and make a statement. 

Luxury watches in the entertainment industry 


The entertainment industry is another story, where you have rappers and singers, becoming millionaires overnight and who are never stingy when it comes to accessories. Rappers, in particular, are very keen on showing their wealth and showing off designer clothes and accessories. 

Here we have for you probably the wealthiest rappers/entrepreneurs and one of the most famous ones – Jay-Z. GQ did a piece on famous people and their no less famous watches, and Jay-Z found himself on the top of it, paying $2.2 million for his Patek Philippe. 

Jay-Z is known for his great taste and interest in clothing, as he has his own clothing line. He also loves accessories and is very generous when it comes to buying and wearing them. He has been spotted many times wearing famous and expensive brands, like Rolex and Patek Philippe. 

Another famous Canadian rapper, Drake is known for his expensive taste in accessories, however sometimes he combines pretty cheap clothes with pretty pricey watches. He has worn anything from Rolex to Audemar Piguet and Richard Mille. Last year he has been photographed wearing RM 11-03 custom finish in an 18K rose gold diamond case during NBA Playoffs. 

Another famous persona, that became well known through his poker games and throwing lavish and extravagant parties and having such lifestyle, in general, is Dan Bilzerian. He is known for his expensive taste and last time was spotted during his Indian visit wearing Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren, almost the same one as Drake.



As you can see, all of those celebrities have one thing in common – love and appreciation for great watches. They are all highly accomplished and can be great role models for those, who aspire to this kind of lifestyle and level of success. 

Luckily, you don’t have to break your budget, to look like those starts. All you need to do is visit our website and choose from many available models luxury watches replica online and purchase Audemars replica, Richard Mille knock off, cheap Patek Philippe, or a Rolex clone. 

You will look great, everyone around you will compliment you on a great piece of wristwear and it will bring you one step closer to the stars.

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